Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Codes and Conventions of Filming and Editing Interviews


  • Can't hear the questions being asked
  • Only hear the answers
  • Not looking at the camera
  • The Interviewee is not central in the shot
  • Mise en scene in the interview is a picture of the ocean and the Interviewee is sitting in front of a pictures of the sharks mouth and teeth whilst it is wide open.
  • The interviewee's are wearing smart casual clothes.
  • As the interview is happening it goes to cut-aways of pictures and clips from the actual film.

The simpsons:

  • Interviewees are wearing smart casual clothes.
  • They are sitting infront of the Simpsons Characters
  • The Interviewees are not sitting central in the camera
  • The Interviewees don't look central into the camera
  • The Character of Marge Simpson when being interviewed performs Marge's vice whilst a cut out of marge simpson is next to her.
  • During the interview there is No source of light behind the interviewee
  • The Interviewer sits behind the camera and is out of view.
  • Go through examples of Mershandice.

Interviewee filmed in medium shot, medium close up or close up.