Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Its Good To Talk-Planning cutaways

1. Tell me what life was like before you had the mobile phone?

2.When did you get your first mobile phone and why did you get it?

3. Tell me about all the mobile phones you have had?
Pictures and crops of new and old mobile phones

4. Tell me about your current mobile phone?
Picture of an I phone on its side and front view

5. Why did you choose it?

6. Tell me about the ringtone you have on your phone and why you chose it?

7. What do you use your mobile for?

8. How much does your mobile phone cost each month?

9. How often do you send text messages?

10. What text 'language' do you use and how did you learn it

11. What's the best thing about having a mobile phone?

12. What's the worst thing about having a mobile phone?

13. How important is your mobile phone to you?

14. How would you cope without your mobile phone?