Friday, 1 October 2010

Brainstorm of Content for Documentry

Time lines of Hairstyles - Women's

How hair styles have changed over the decades.
18th Century - elaborate wigs, mile-high coiffures and highly decorated curls.
1920s - short, bobbed and waved styles.
1940s - Soft curls falling onto the shoulders or long, wavy natural looks.
1950s - Hair began to suffer abuse however and was teased, sculpted, sprayed, permanently waved and forced into perfectly formed curls. Hair often resembled a perfect helmet and women started to visit salons on a weekly.
1960s - short, back-combed hairstyles that could be quickly styled and held in place with hair spray, softened with a long, feminine fringe.
1970s - Manes of free-falling curls, soft partings and long fringes.
1980s- The long-bob was highly favoured-precisely cut and evenly curled under, a good hairdresser was an essential part of this woman’s life.
1990s - Messed-up hair was very much in but whether long or short it seemed the whole world had definitely gone blonde! Multi-toned highlights, all over blonde – any shade of blonde in fact, even previously brunette models and film stars turned blonde.
Time line of Hairstyles - Men's

How hairstyles have changed over the decades
1920s - The popular hairstyles for men were moustaches and beards. Their hair was flat and plastered down.
1940s - Men in the 1940's usually wore their hair on the long side and all slicked back.
1950s - Sides of his hair slick back and the top cut in long, brush the hair straight back and up.
1960s - Short, clean haircuts - Mods
1970s - Simple hairstyle, where straight hair hangs down to just below the ear and than it is turned over into a soft curl at the ends.
1980s- The watchword for hair in the 1980s was BIG. The 80s was the of the hair band, the crimping iron and the teasing comb.
1990s - This style closely resembled the mullet.

Ethinic Hairdressers.
Training Hairdressers.
People who pride in there hair.
People with crazy hair.
High end hairdressers.
Cheaper hairdressers.
Hairdressers for younger people.
Hairdressers for older people.

Elizabethan Wigs.
Performance Wigs.
Fashion Wigs.
Barraster Wigs - Why do judges were theses?

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