Thursday, 7 October 2010

Formal Proposal for Documentary.


The Topic we have choosen for our documentary is hair, we have choosen this because of the broadness of the question there are a variety of different people who we can talk to about either their hairstyles or others hairstyles.
For an example we are going to talk to barbers, hairdressers, ethinc hairdresssers and high end or low end hairdressers.
Style of Documentary

We have also chosen to make out explository documentary, were we will have a 'voice-of-god' narration which addresses the viewer and is anchored by the images we will use in out documentary.
We chose to do this type of documentary because the voice-of-god narration will directly address the audience, which we make the audience feel part of the discussion, also if we choose a male voice over it will add authority to the documentary.
Type of Documentary

We are making a documentary on hair, which is immediately associated with the outside image, which also links to fashion therefore this is the style of documentary.
Channel and scheduling

Through our own research on scheduling we have realised that documentaries are usually seen, in the evening.
I believe this is done because documnetaries are aimed at adults and teenages, therefore documentaries must be scheduled for this time because they are home from work and school so they can focus on the programme.
Also following the audience research, the people who have answered our questionnaire have also realised were documentaries would be placed in the scheduling.
Also following the audience research, most of the people who we asked said that they would usually see documentaries on either channel four or BBC 2, this is also true looking at my scheduling research.
Target Audience

The style and type of my documentary will appeal mostly to women, this is because the documentary is about hair. However more and more men and becoming more interested in there appearance, this is evident from the audience research.
This documentary could appeal to hairdressers and barbers therefore some men could also be attracted to this documentary.
The target audience age rage for the documentary would be 15-40 years this is because it is a broad audience.
Primary Research

In order to create our documentary on hair we will have to conduct varies pieces of research, we will need both primary and secondary research.
The primary research we have conducted and will conduct are the questionnaire and the interviews we will do in the filming of the documentary.
The questionnaire has given us ideas of what the audience will want to see in a documentary, how important hair is to them, weather or not they follow hair fashion.
This has helped us with ideas of how to appeal to people who dont often watch documentaries and how we can adapt the interest in hair to this.
The interviews which we will film can also appeal to this audience who filled in the questionnaire because they can give these people advice on hair and could make these people more interested in hair fashion.
Secondary Research

The secondary research which we have conducted is a timeline of hairstyles throughout the decades, this will appeal to older audiences this is why our target audience is broad.
This will appeal to the older audience because some hairstyles which will be in this documentary, they could have had that hairstyle or sould have bin jealous of that hairstyle.
We have done this for both men and women so try and appeal to the male audience. Also we have research hair facts these could be used as graphics in the middle of the screen.
Also so we are appeal to a wide range of hair types we have research ethnic hairstyles, this is because other hair types need different hairdressers and treatments.

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