Thursday, 16 December 2010


In this part I am going to write about what we did for our filming in the production of our documentary.

In the Documentry our first interview was with the trichologist and the voudoo hairdressers in liverpool. We decided to do this as our documentary is about hair and we thought it would be good to have someone who deals with hair loss sufferers so it appealed to a wide audience. Unfortunately we couldnt use the footage as one was too loud and the other we had filmed wrong but we decided that we didnt need the high end hairdresser so we had to go back and film the Tricologist again.

I was involved in all the major filming in our production, the first being: we travelled to Park High school to interview a policeman about graffiti. We set up the mise-en-scene in the office of the Assistant Headteacher (Nye's Dad). We wanted the mise-en-scene to look like the office of the policeman. He was in full uniform which ofcourse anchored who he was. We shot him in medium close up, aligned to the left of the shot this was to later contrast with the interview with the Assistant heateacher who we aligned to the right. The interview went well, the mic worked, I asked the questions after helping get the framing right. Also on this night we got some shots from around the school, such as, the assembly hall and the outside of the building. Sadly after uploading this footage to the computer, it was deleted from the system when the computers went down in school. And my stupidity meant we recorded over the interview, as we thought it was all captured safely.

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