Saturday, 1 January 2011

Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

The way in which we found the research for the documentary Research;

Internet: We used the inernet To find out the history behind hair, for example what the main styles were throughout the decades.
We also used it to look into facts for the voiceover to make each parts of the documentary link in with eachother.

Voice Recorders: These allowed us to question people about hair and gave us the results from our question

Youtube: We researched on youtube by looking at old films and seeing the different styles they have used.

The way in which we did Planning

We scanned our images from our planning of the mise en scene for our interviews

Computer: We used the computer during our planning by using microsoft word for writing our interview questions, we also used the internet to help us do other research and we used it to use blogger.

Construction of our media Product:

In the construction of our media product we used a DV camera, tripod and a microphone-All of these 3 were materials for us to film our documentry, these allowed us to film our interviews,. vox pops, cutaways, opening and any other footage that was needed.

Digital Still cameras: we used still camera to allow us to take pictures of proof that we have filmed and edited all of the work ourselves. We also used them in taking the pictures for our print advert pictures and to create the opening titles for the documentary.

Adobe Premier: We used adobe premier to edit our production. All the filming that we had done needed to be cut so Adobe premier aloud us to edit the filming down to the actual parts we wanted and needed. Adobe premier aloud us to add effects and graphics into our production and We were also able to adjust the sound levels of the production with this, so we were able to make sure all interviews had the same volume as each other and made sure all parts of the production flowed through by the sound.

Adobe Audition: We used Adobe audition to produce our radio advert, this allowed us to cut the sections we want out of the actual production and let us change the sound levels so they all link together.

Radio Studio: We used the radio studio to let us record our voice over for the doucumentary and the radio advert. Using the radio studio to do this instead of a voice recorder allowed us to make the voice sound more clearer as a voice recorder picks up every bit of movement that happens and tends to echo so being in the radio studio made sure we were isolated from any other sound and made it sound much better quality.

Blogger-Throughout our production time we have used blogger to upload pictures of proof and any of the planning that we have needed for all three products.

Slideshare- This allowed me to upload my powerpoint for my answer to question 2

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