Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Documentry Analysis- Babyfaced Body Builders

This is a real life documentry

This Documentry is 1 hour long and it is on bbc3. Narrative structure is that it starts off with a young boy working out in the gym and the other two young bodybuilders, then we see him at home cooking and then at the end of the episode he is in the world championships.

Camera work- there are close-ups of the family members when they are being interviewed, this allows the audience to see the real facial expressions of the family members when talking. This Documentry appeals to people who work out, and teenagers as the term babyfaced means young. When Danny the main bodybuilder is interviewed he is either in the gym or at home. Also when is coach is interviewed he is in the gym with Danny but Danny is working out behind him as he is speaking.

Sound- Female voice over as it makes the bodybuilders seem more masculine compared to the woman voice over.

Editing- Not much editing is used in this documentry. One bit is when The young girl who wants to be a body builder is on the train and then it cuts to see her idol and then it cuts to see her in her house with the body builder.

There is archive material used of a World Champion bodybuilder winning at the competition, also they use pictures of other older body builders to relate to how Danny( the baby faced body builder) wants to look.

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