Thursday, 23 September 2010

Documentry analysis- strictly baby fight club

Type of documentry- There is a voice of god and images that match what is being said. It is about the childrens lives and how they revolve around tai boxing.

Narrative Structure- Starts by showing us the children (the fighters) and then we meet their parents and throughout the documentry we see them train and at the end they show the competition that all the training has been for.

Camera work- The camera work in this documentry is done well as they use various shots allowing the audience to see different boxing positions. They use many close ups of the children when they are talking about their fights and the use mid-shots of the parents, this shows they arent as important as the children.

Mise-En-Scene- Mostly the fighting ring when one of the dad's is being interviewed this symbolises that this is a big part to their lifestyle. When he is fighting it is in a pub this shows that the sport is rough and wtahced by older people.

Editing- Interview, then when editing they use cut-aways to symbolise what he is saying. They show pictures of him when he was in his first fight when he was younger. They added slow motion into the fight as the young boy kicked up high.

Archive material- video of the young boy fighting in bangkok.

This Documentry is targetted to people who enjoy fighting- kararte, boxing or any other ones. And mostly s targetted to a Larger male audience than woman.

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