Monday, 20 September 2010

Documentry Analysis- Marketing Mealof

This type of documentry is known as an educational one and it was shown on BBC2.

Narrative structure= The first 5/6 minutes of this documentry uses its narrative sturcture to set the scene with the section being about the music industry and the awards. The next scene is being focused on Meat Loaf himself and talks about his downfall. It then finishes with MeatLoafs success with him having a number 1 for 8 weeks.

Within this documentry they use alot of hand-held camerawork at the beginning whilst on the red carpet in order to make it more exciting and dramatic and make the audience feel like they are really there.
There is a point of view shot which is used to put the audience into that specific situation which is used in order to engage the audience and make them continue to watch the documentary.
A low angle shot is used on the person speaking at the awards, this is done in order to show his importance as it makes the audience look up to him.

Mise en secene= Meat Loaf is used as the background for the voice-overs in order to keep the audience intrigued into the documentary so it doesn't get boring. The interviewee is also filmed infront of a blue or green screen so that the background of the interview can easily be edited out.
When interviewing there is also a background of Meat Loafs CD which fits into the conversation when talking about the 2 different CD front covers they are comparing.
There is also a mise-en-scene of Virgin to communicate were the interviewee is from as it shows which company he is interviewing from. The logo of the company is presented in the bottom left hand side corner.

Sound= In this documentry non-diegetic sound is used when the audience is screaming and this is used in order to convey his success.
There is also a voice-of-god used of male voice which related to the fact that the documentary is about a male artist and fits in well, the voice is also formal as it is a public event which they are watching.
The music used builds up as it gets to the chorus of the song in order to add impact to the main part of the song.

Editing= In this documentary editing is mostly noticable on the interviews, a fade-in fad-out is used when the interviewee is presented, this makes them seem more important and in authority.
The editing is fast in order to create pace and energy. When the documentary goes from the music video onto the interview with Meat loaf there are lots of cross-fades of several different things in order to make it seem more exciting and intriguing.

Throughout the documentary lots of archive material is used mainly using still images for example an image of Meat loafs CD. There is also archive material of Meat loaf performing and his music video's.

Lots of graphic images are used at the beginning which from the very beginning of the documentry draws in the audiences attention. The opening credits are done in a very different way as they are presented as a magazine front cover with several small sound bites.
The logo name is written under the interviewee in order to give the company their identity.
There is also Gothic typography used when the quotes are going across the middle of the screen in order to reinforce the genre of music this documentary is about.

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