Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Documentry analysis- The devil made me do it

type of documentry- There is a voice of god and images that match what is being said. This programme is shown after the watershed because of the language and detail used in it.

Narrative Structure- The narrative structure starts with Marilyn Manson and then we find out about the nun being killed. 12-15 minutes into the documentry the enigma code is being answered. Within the documentry there is a wide range of interviews. There are different segments throughout the whole of the documentry and then the narrative closes.

The camera work used in this documentry has been thought about carefully to make the documentry the best it could be. There was an establishing shot with the woman in the graveyard and this signifies that they have started a new scene. They use held hand camera work to make it look more realistic and is used to draw the audience in. The hand held camera work symbolises realism for example coming out ogf the court when a decision hasnt been made.

Mise-En-Scene- There is a journalist and he is sitting infront of books and a religious pster. Also in the tsreet, the lights are red so it has connotations of death. With the police officer(detective scene) in his office, showing he has authority. The killers friends getting interviewed shows there not as important and more informal as they are smoking and laughing on the screen this shows how they arent as bothered as any other things.

Sound- They use a person speaking and a translator. There is non-diegetic music, soft mellow music to make the audience gain more sympathy. Also in the documnetry they use non-diegetic sound to show the phone ringing and when the heartbeat is being played, this shows tension for the audience. They use good sound affects of the crime when the girls are confessing. The voice over is a man with a low tone and it makes it looko more authorative.

Editing- Interview, then when editing they use cut-aways to symbolise what he is saying.

Archive material- Marilyn Manson concert, as it has been took from somehwere else.

Graphics- Black background, the christian cross as the T. The words look like they are made with metal.
Consistant graphics throughout the whole of the documentry.

This documentry is only targetted to a niche 9 small and specific0 audience.

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