Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Documentry Analysis- That thing Lara Croft

This is an action documentary which is presented as being expository due to it having a voice-of-god.

This Documentry is much shorter than any other ones we have watched therefor there is not as much information that we can add.
Narrative structure begins with Lara Croft being in a playstation game as a cartoon character, it then moves on to her being seen as a sex symbol then ends back with the video game again.

Camera work- there are plenty of close-ups which focus entirely on Lara Croft's assets, this portrays it as being a documentary targeted specifically at young men as this would appeal to them. With this appealing to more younger men it would make more money as more men will buy the game. When interviewing Angelina Jolie herself she is filmed in a close up which is directly on her face, this shows her importance to the documentary. There is also talking heads used which is were the interviewee is filmed in front of a blue or green screen so that the editing later on is a lot easier.

Sound- Non-diegetic sound is used with music it is used to add effect and make the game seem more exciting and fast-paced.
A male voice-over is used which fits in with the target audience being men.

Editing- When the man is being interviewed it has been edited into a laptop screen to give the audience the impression we are watching the interview straight from that which may also make them seem more involved. The editing is very action based meaning it is fast paced and eye-catching to watch. This documentary also contains talking heads which are then added into the background with the video game itself. Lots of cutaway shots are used in the video game and they are used in order to reinforce the style.

There is archive material used of Angelina Jolie in the video game, of the playstation game and also of images of magazines.

Graphics- The most noticeable graphic is of Lara Croft's name across the screen which is in white and is bold making it stand out against the black background

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